Wildlife Control That Works!

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Wildlife around your home or business can be a real nuisance. Raccoons getting into your trash cans. Squirrels chewing through power lines and siding to gain access to your attic. Snakes in your crawl space, or worse, in your home.  Moles making your yard a minefield of holes.  All these wildlife situations are very frustrating, inconvenient, and expensive and some are downright scary and dangerous to your home, your family and your pets.  But these are very common, everyday wildlife occurrences for homeowners and tenants alike.

 Don’t worry. Ace offers a variety of solutions to your rodent and wildlife problems. Our state certified, knowledgeable and caring technicians use humane wildlife capturing techniques that are safe for your entire family.

 Ace Exterminating offers free wildlife inspections, identification and quotes.  So don’t let wildlife have the run of your home and life.  Call 615-876-7185 to schedule your free inspection today.


About Ace Exterminating

Ace Exterminating Co., Inc. has been servicing Nashville and it's surrounding counties Pest Control needs for over 20 years. Honesty and Quality Guaranteed!
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